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I'm wondering what the opinions of others on appropriate role modeling for student nurses and doctors should be. With the change in work habits of health care providers to focus more on lifestyle does the definition of role modeling have to change?

It's hard to be a role model to students when you're at home with the family...
But it's hard to be a good husband/father when you're at work all the time...

How can this be balanced?

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Here's another recent issue...Orthopedic Electives in Winnipeg

How can we assemble a good team when our system doesn't allow medical students to come and work with us first. This year we were lucky to match two great medical students to train in Winnipeg with us. I think they will be great additions to our Ortho team. We did also have an unmatched spot. That's a real downer for our program because we work hard to make our educational program better, and I think it's one of the best in the country!

Our issue is the process of getting an elective set up. It needs to be more stream-lined and we have to be better at getting people in touch with our program administrator. So, I'm going to put together a Guerrilla campaign to get the word out to medical students everywhere. Come to Winnipeg to learn about Orthopedics! We will show you our program and the specialty we love.

If you want more information call Donna Shepard at (204) 787-1219 or

I also started up a facebook group at: Manitoba Orthopedic Elective Information





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