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I am very busy these days as the Low Glycemic classes I teach, are drawing more and more people. In a few days, I will be presenting my program to local physicians. My Facebook site is drawing attention. All it takes is ten parts work to produce 1 part participation, from a quote I saw earlier on this page. For 9 months now, I have worked and sown the foundation for the wellness business I have embarqued on. My persistence and work is starting to pay off. I have one solid class going now. Another class will be starting in another town next week, and I hope to start an afternoon class in my area, from physician referrals. Another area I am working on is to have a live Webinar. This will draw others from across the United States. So, I am in the process of producing a 12 week powerpoint presentation, that I can use in a Webinar setting, on the topic of being "Healthy for Life".
I believe this is just one more avenue to grow my business. I stay busy reading information on personal growth and development. I find a few people here and there that share my passion for teaching others about health, wellness, and financial freedom. So, as my program is growing, I am also starting to see the ripple effect for my efforts and consistency. My 12 week program also consists of an interactive website that I have produced along with 3 others that are partnering with me on this project around the United States. Here, participants in the program are able to post their pics, progress, and interact with others in the program. One can see the site intro page, although unless in the program, this is the limiting page. You can see more information at
I am Joyce Harrell,RN, OCN, and I am the current leader for the Eastern United States. Although if you are referred to this site by me, I would be your contact person for a Webinar class, even if you live in, say, the Western part of the United States.
For more information on this low glycemic program, or how you could find out information for becoming a low glycemic lifestyle educator, you can also contact me at my email address:
Let us all become "Healthy for Life"...

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Do you find in business that you are constantly changing and improving your business plan and techniques? I know I sure am. Some things have changed just a little. I am working on my coaching blog. I am also finding that I needed more in the area of helping people set goals. I am currently taking a classes through Wellcoaches. This is a great company, and I highly recommend it for any health care professional wanting to teach wellness. This company has a partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine. I am finding this to be a great asset for my Health and Wellness coaching business.

Can we as American's get back to basics? Have you ever heard of our food being our medicine? While part of my program has been based on low glycemic eating, I am actually now moving more toward just a very healthy eating lifestyle, promoting more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. Green's are so important to our overall health. Most American's do not eat anywhere near the recommended daily servings. I believe optimal health needs to come from eating MORE veggies that what is currently recommended in the US Food Pyramid. Something so simple as changing diet habits, and adding exercise will do wonders.





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