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Gano C'Real Spirulina Oats: Ultimate Weight-Loss Power Breakfast:

When we think about oatmeal, we may picture brisk autumn days and big sweaters. With the temperature rising and people beginning to worry about their “beach bodies,” oatmeal’s probably the last thing on your mind. I mean, who wants a warm breakfast in the summer heat? But as it turns out, whole-grain oats be just the thing for preparing you for summer fun. Now, anyone who’s tried our Gano C’Real Spirulina Oats know they’re are a delicious, wholesome way to kick-start your morning; but did you know that their powerful pairing of 100+ phytonutrients with appetite-stabilizing steel-cut oats may also help in the Battle of the Bulge?
In an article for Your Total Health, Nutritionist Sophie Pachella notes that “oats have the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you regular, two helpful weight control aids.” She also insists that eating oats can “lower cholesterol,” a statement confirmed by the (notoriously overly-cautious) US Food and Drug Administration. Weight loss expert John Hartie explains, “Simply by consuming oatmeal, the body should naturally go into a fat burning mode, resulting in the utilization of fatty cells for energy, support, and body functioning” (click here for article). In other words, steel-cut oats fill you up without filling you out, and support vital body functions that enable weight loss!

The two “magic ingredients” in Gano C’Real – Spirulina and Ganoderma Lucidum – kick oatmeal’s natural weight-loss power to the next level. Both herbs are what nutritionists call “superfoods,” veggies and fruits that provide an awesome number of vital phytonutrients. WebMD’s article on phytonutrients chronicle the scores of health benefits of a phytonutrient-rich diet, all of which may help boost body functions relating to your metabolism.

Each sachet of Gano C’Real Spirulina Oats contains an almost magical combination of Ganoderma Lucidum, the superfood Spirulina, and healthful steel-cut oats – all at only 110 calories. Pair a bowl of the C’Real with maximum performance-booster Ginseng Tongkat Ali – whose ingredients may also help you watch your waistline – and you’ve got a wellness-boosting breakfast that simply can’t be beat!

We are truly blessed to have people like Gano Excel independent affiliate Felipe Monserrat on our side! Along with his natural charm and generosity, Mr. Monserrat brings years of experience in business, sports, and the arts to this company, making him one of our best leaders and a true inspiration to his team.
Mr. Monserrat has served as the head of the Phillipine Olympic Committee (1968-1972), owned the largest taxi cab company in Manila, and worked with statesman both here and in his native country. He, quite simply, an astounding man: a musician who has played with Duke Ellington, a diplomat who has served countless administrations, a lover of sport who brought football to the Phillipines.
Mr. Monserrat chose Gano Excel because he saw, first hand, the major health benefits that seem to be related to our Ganoderma Lucidum-enriched products. His powerful testimonial speaks to the wonderous capabilities of this product -- watch his video and see how Gano Excel's products could help you on your path to whole-person wellness!

Felipe Monserrat's story is one of the greatest Gano Excel successes on record. He saw major health benefits occur around the same time he began taking our products, and has offered this testimonial of his almost-miraculous encounter with the "Magical King of Herbs." Mr. Monserrat is one of our greatest personalities here at Gano Excel: a statesman, musician, entrepreneur, and artist of international renown who has served both his native country and the US in so many capacities we can't even begin to list them here. Watch Mr. Monserrat's testimony and see the amazing things that happen when Gano enters your life!

We're very excited to present an in-depth interview with Gano Excel independent affiliate Ron Sacka. Ron, a Michigan native and marketing veteran, offered a unique perspective on what sets this company apart from the others. Appealing to both newcomers and seasoned networkers, Ron explains how this company's product and compensation plan come together to create the most exciting opportunity in this industry today.
Consider this interview a companion piece to last week’s interview with Felipe Monserrat; where Felipe discussed the amazing health benefits our Ganoderma-enriched coffee can bring, Ron tells us about the untold wealth and freedom our powerful binary compensation program provides.
We hope you enjoy this chat with one of our greatest new leaders. Oh, and if you haven't yet subscribed to the YouTube Channel, take a minute to do so and become a part of the Gano online community!

Guest blogger Tracey Jamieson on what sets Gano Excel and our Cafe 2.0 philosophy apart from the crowd!
Virtually Correct: Leveraging Social Media Marketing For Your Organization
by Tracey Jamieson (Gano Excel affiliate)
Network marketing is having an interesting revival. People are fed up with their current standards and are looking for alternatives. Operating a home business offers many things, but time freedom has not always been one of them. Operating at "home" for many has meant traveling to hotel meetings or from city to city in an effort to build a "bigger than backyard" business.
Enter Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing.
The way we interact has changed drastically: voicemail, email and text messaging opened up the envelope, but now we "virtually" never have to leave the house, or better yet, never have to stay at home. Now it's your choice entirely. For me, it means being able to operate my business, globally, virtually, from anywhere I choose to be. That's freedom.
Network marketing is about building relationships. What better way to attract like-minded people than by displaying your personality and then making friends with the people who are not only interested, but who are also interesting? Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Skype and Twitter, to name only a few, have emerged as the leaders in virtual and viral communication. It isn't important to dominate any of these scenes, but rather to incorporate them all in your arsenal of communication; understanding the strong points of each program and then blending them to best utilize their features.
Knowing what business to start up is utmost to your success. You want a product you can believe in and makes sense to you, but even more importantly, makes sense to others. Gano Excel has proven month after month and year after year that the products can stand the test of time. For me, it was more than a fad, it was a solid belief... in the company, in the products and in my future. I left a 31 year career managing a $1 million a week grocery store and proved that it WAS possible. The company is solid, the products are world class and the support is unfailing.
Webinars, video email, recorded webcasts, instant messaging and conferencing has really hit its stride. If you are not already in this game, then you won't be playing the game of the future. Take your business out of your back yard and into the global arena. If you don't, know that everyone else already has.

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A great anything starts with CLEAN-HEALTHY-CHEAP Water.

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