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June 2009 Blog Posts (42)

Donate Eggs

Egg donation is a process whereby woman aged between 18 and 34 donate eggs to other people. It is referred to as egg donation and the recipient of donor eggs undergoes egg donation ivf.

Recipients view egg donors as angels who give of themselves to others to help and have an empathy and understanding for their need to have children and great desire to love and give of themselves.

Woman who donate eggs have to be screened psyhologically and medically to ensure that they… Continue

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Egg Donor Profiles

In proceeding with egg donation, the opportunity to view and available egg donor profiles is imperative in the proceeding and selecting the ideal egg donor agency. When considering egg donor websites, ensure that you have access to the best possible opportunities.

The egg donor profiles available on baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy programme include age, phsyical traits - height, weight, build, blood group, social information - profession, studies, personality type and egg donor… Continue

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Egg Donation Success

Egg donation entails alot of science and technology, but just as much of the divine. So add the perfect recipe - of great eggs, great sperm, a perfect uterus and conscience birth mother who diligently takes all her medication - the egg donation success is still out of man's hand.

Although the female egg donor can be throughly screened, there is no guaranteed outcome in terms of the quality and number of eggs that she will produce - each woman responds differently to the egg donation… Continue

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Egg Donation Program

Egg donation is not such a new topic. It is becoming a very popular type of fertility treatment - essentially third party reproduction, involving the kind services of an egg donor to facilitate an egg donation program.

Egg donation means an egg donor offers her donor eggs to some one else. After a process of stimulating the egg donor, the eggs are retrieved. These are taken out vaginally whilest the egg donor is under anaesthetic.

Participating in an egg donation programme… Continue

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Premature Menopause

How does one get pregnant having premature menopause? The answer is simple and easy - it is through an efficient process ef egg donation.

Premature menopause means that a woman has prematurely entered menopause. Entering this altered hormonal status any thing before 45 is considered premature.

From a hormonal aspect, the body essentially dries up the relevant hormone release of primarily estrogen and progesterone. This have a direct effect on other hormones and key… Continue

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Donor Eggs

Donor eggs means the donation of oocytes or egg donation from one woman to another person.

People need donor eggs for various reasons. Woman in pof or premature ovarian failure need donor eggs or egg donation to conceive. Woman experiencing early menopause will also need the assistance of an egg donor to help them conceive. These are the most cases when people need donor eggs when younger recipients are involved.

Older woman needing donor eggs because their own egg quality… Continue

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Egg Donation in South Africa

Egg Donation in South Africa has evolved to world class fertility treatment. The beauty and benefit of visiting South Africa for treatment is that it is relaxing, set in a beautiful part of the world, but offering egg donation IVF of the best quality. The latest technology is used and fertility clinics attract people from all over the world.

Egg donation involves a thorough screening process where the initial information is viewed upfront, then the egg donor meets another… Continue

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POF is the official abbreviation for premature ovarian failure. This means that the ovaries prematurely fail, therefore ovulation has stoppped. This is normally supported by an absence of menstrual cycles.

One of he greatest consequences is the inability to have children. POF causes great distress and heartache for woman affected by this.

POF cah be caused by an auto immune disease, exposure to radiation or for unknow reasons.

The only way woman inflicted with… Continue

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An Egg Donation by

An egg donation treatment is a careful type of third party reproduction involving an available egg donor and recipient of donor eggs.

Treatment involves the anonymous egg donor consenting to donate her eggs/ donate your eggs to an anonymous recipient. The process of egg donation South Africa is such to as to protect both parties and enable each to continue their lives with furher issues or an egg donation holding them back.

Egg donation in South Africa is very affordable… Continue

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Egg Donor Risks

Egg donation remains an exceptionally generous and special deed. The egg donor risks are not an issue and have been discussed in more detail. The egg donation rocedure is not dangerous. The egg donation edication does have slight side effects in that it makes you a little irritable, sometimes tearful. One can feel bloated almost as if you are about to have a period. Some egg donors seem to breeze through with very little side affects, others seem to feel it more. It has been advised that to… Continue

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How to become an egg donor

Egg donation is a precious, kind and giving thing to do. Included some basic information on how to become an eg donor and participate in the very precious process of egg donation in South Africa. Ideally woman should be aged between 21 and 35 years and should not be too overweight. Ladies will need to be off contraception for a while before eggs can be used. The baby2mom site has all information necessary on how to become an egg donor. The process works as follows: Appointment for medical… Continue

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Tip of the Day June 24

Tip of the day: Did you know when you crave carbs, you actually have an addiction to them? Living a low glycemic lifestyle will enable you to bust those bad carb cravings. But, once you bust them, and then you decide to "splurge", you will will the effect for hours and even a few days! Try to stay away from potatoes, bread, and sugar for the next 3 days. See what happens. Message me for a list of low glycemic foods.

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Clini Egg Donors -

Egg donation in South Africa is fast becoming an attractive consideration. This is for many reasons. This egg donor agency is especially partnered with the top clinic egg donors.

Many of the people involved in the treatment or process of assisting to find you an egg donor have also endured extensive fertility treatment, so have a full understanding and empathy for your situation. Further benefits include affordable egg donation treatment or affordable fertility… Continue

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What are you doing, if anything, for personal development and professional success?

Do you read books written by the experts in their fields? Do you attend conferences and seminars? Perhaps you listen to audio tapes of the same experts while you drive to and from your appointments. If you do, let me introduce you to and what it can do for you and your success.

What is

" provides 24/7 access to the top luminaries in the 100 BILLION dollar personal… Continue

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A egg Donation

A Egg donation is a very safe and giving procedure. Many women considering becoming egg donors are concerned about their future fertility and health.

Women are carefully screened to ensure that they first thoroughly understand and are committed to the process of egg donation. Their age, weight, height and medical history are carefully considered to ensure the health of the egg donor and to optimise the chances of conception for the recipient.

The actual process of a egg… Continue

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With the global economy facing a recession, every one is looking to cut costs where possible. The baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme was launched in June 2007 as a means to offer affordable and effective eggdonation options to the world. With substantial experience under the belt, this egg donor agency is highly reputable and experienced.

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About egg donation

Egg donation or oocyte donation is a relatively new and private topic. Read further to understand all about egg donation. It is a specialised type of fertility treatment available to people who cannot conceive with their own eggs. This would apply to woman in early menopause, those who have had their ovaries removed, woman with poor quality eggs and who are no longer producing eggs. Single men or homosexual males also seek the assistance of egg donation.

It is a very confidential… Continue

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Tip of the Day June 22

I can't believe it is almost July! Summer time is great for fresh fruits and veggies. Yum! A fresh apple cut up and eaten with a little bit of low fat peanut butter tastes so good. How about cold, fresh watermelon? It is hot, especially here in North Carolina. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand. A good rule for how much water to drink every day is to consume 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water per day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you would want to have 100 ounces of water per day. Sounds… Continue

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SMART ART X August 13th through the 15th 2009!

Have you registered for the SMART ART X? Orlando Florida at the Walt Disney World Hilton Resort is the location and the Online Registration is at or by phone at 1-800-238-9620 PIN# 5174. Tuition has been generously underwritten by an unrestricted educational grant from Schering-Plough! August 13th through the 15th 2009!

The target audience for the SMART ART is intended for the education of RN's, NP's, LPN's, and other health care professionals specializing… Continue

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