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Major Medical Marijuana Research Companies Announce Merger

The two largest Marijuana Testing and Research facilities in the United States announced a merger in 2013, combining them into what will be a literal powerhouse of technology, innovation, research, and cutting-edge advancements in the field of cannabis testing. Steep Hill Laboratories and Halent Scientific announced the merger in June 2013, and they have big plans for the future with their combined abilities.


With states now decriminalizing or legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and other states expected to follow suit, testing and research is critical to ensuring that the cannabis crops being produced in the United States for consumers and medical marijuana recipients is of high quality. Steep Hill-Halent will go forward in 2014 and beyond to continue working with state and federal government agencies and provide their research data and testing results to those agencies. The marijuana consuming community is hopeful that further advances in research on the federally illegal substance may help to gain ground in the movement to have marijuana relocated to a less restrictive drug schedule by the DEA or decriminalized altogether.


Steep Hill had previously released a testing device for dispensaries and growers, which has gained substantial popularity in western states with lax marijuana laws. The combined company of Steep Hill-Halent is looking forward to furthering the technological capabilities of this device in the future, as well as continuing their research in other areas.


Both companies are dedicated to conducting testing and research to provide safety standards and guidelines for patients and physicians, as well as ensure the safety of cannabis as it continues to become a more dominant figure in the American medicinal landscape.


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Amir Ghanouni is the Owner of 4th Street Medical, a leader in providing evaluations for medical marijuana in Santa Ana. An advocate for medical marijuana, Amir believes in making the process as simple and easy for patients as possible through quick and convenient verification. At 4th Street Medical, he stresses convenience, affordability and transparency 100% of the time.

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Comment by Ken Nersten on January 3, 2014 at 12:41pm

Truly a giant step towards making life more better & good in years to come. Hope the new researches bought by this companies can open door towards development to combat addiction in all forms.

Comment by Vu Le on December 29, 2013 at 9:22am

That's a good thing to hear as such deals would improve upon research and development studies in the field of medical science and also better use of funds as well. Merger would open new doors for exploring the benefits of Cannabis and better testings could be carried out with such efforts.

Comment by Michele Lavigne on December 25, 2013 at 11:22pm

This is the big deal between these two companies and make a big step forward for cannabis research & development. The two largest marijuana testing & research facilities will be encouraging the others.





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